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    ...is it 19? Meh, close enough. You know what it is anyway, so let's do eet.

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    Holy heck. So on that note, what is on the action block these days. I don't have cable anymore but I'd still like to try and catch it sometime...

    I've been dead for a while now.

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    Right now we have DBZ Kai, Akame ga Kill, Parasyte, Champloo(!), Shippuuden, One Piece, and Kill la Kill. Akame is ending in a few episodes, but I don't think we have any leads on what's replacing it yet.

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    Akame cannot goddamn end fast enough.

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    Top_Gun said:

    Right now we have DBZ Kai, Akame ga Kill, Parasyte, Champloo(!), Shippuuden, One Piece, and Kill la Kill. Akame is ending in a few episodes, but I don't think we have any leads on what's replacing it yet.

    Holy cow they got Champloo back???? Also How is Parasyte so far? It looked cool.

    I've been dead for a while now.

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    Yeah, Champloo came back about a month ago. And Parasyte is good stuff: pretty gory at times, but with good writing and characters.

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    /posts in this thread


    You know I guess I don't really need to worry about spoilage right now since I'm caught up with everything except Shippuden and One Piece and I don't really care about Shippuden and I've seen One Piece. So as long as people don't mention the dozen or so shows I still haven't watched in their entirety, I'll be golden.


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    Spoilers this Naruto filler is goddamn terrible.

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    Does Shippudden have a filler arc like the first series did?

    I've been dead for a while now.

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    Kohikki said:

    Does Shippudden have a filler arc like the first series did?

    You mean a year long one? No, but the current filler arc is 26 episodes long and Toonami isn't even halfway through it yet.

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    Fucking WHAT?

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    Kohikki said:

    Top_Gun said:

    Right now we have DBZ Kai, Akame ga Kill, Parasyte, Champloo(!), Shippuuden, One Piece, and Kill la Kill. Akame is ending in a few episodes, but I don't think we have any leads on what's replacing it yet.

    Holy cow they got Champloo back???? Also How is Parasyte so far? It looked cool.

    Bombing and...eh. It's not bad, but the manga makes...questionable choices in the plot.

    Soldier hold your sword high...
    Swing it like a Samurai...
    Now don't get all out of pride...
    From the Afro Samurai...

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    Woohoo, new thread! And on that note, time for a quick show catchup.

    DBZ KAI 53/54 - It was really hard having to watch Frieza beg for help like that, but at least Goku gave him enough power so when he finally killed him, it wouldn't be like putting down an injured dog. Sucks that Namek blew up, but hey, it was inevitable. Personally, I'm surprised the Earthican Dragonballs and Namekian Dragonballs weren't merged together, but that's what I get for watching the abridged version first. And they lived happily ever after. For now...

    AKAME GA KILL! 19/20 - I didn't think it could be done, but I think I ship Tatsumi/Mine now. Of course, that means more Esdeath for me. Sooooooo glad that Seryu's dead. Lubbock dying kinda sucks, but at least he went out better than he did in the manga. I don't believe for a second that Suzuka's dead, though. AgK is the kind of show to show a corpse when it kills a character off. So unless I see Suzuka's body crushed under a huge rock UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL in the next four episodes, I'm just gonna assume she escaped. And even though Kurome isn't nearly well enough to fight, at least she's still more useful than Run.

    PARASYTE 12/13 - I knew Kana's death was coming, but damn did it hit hard. Really enjoyed Shinichi immediately revenging her, tho. I won't say the most recent episode was difficult to watch, but Shinichi's waking daydream of his class loudly ostracizing him kinda hit a few nerves. I wanna see more of the private investigator guy. And poor, poor Murano.

    SAMURAI CHAMPLOO 3/4 - Screw your CHAM-BOOOO and screw your "anything below a million is automatically shit" ramblings, because Champloo is a damn good show and the new generation of [as] anime watchers deserve to see it. That aside, I'm really enjoying this show more, now that I'm actually paying attention to it. The first half of the series' first two-parter was nice, and the second half? Man, did it get crazy near the end there. Without getting obviously so, of course.

    NARUTO SHIPPUDEN 95/96 - Naruto training with the giant toads is still Filler Hell-level filler bullshit, but at least they quit singing that damn song. Still more invested in what's going on with Kakashi and Team 8, even though it probably won't matter in the long run.

    ONE PIECE 329/330 - Not as bad as I expected, but still pretty eh. Plenty of moments from the most recent episode - Franky considering putting on pants for once, Robin tickling the token loli, and Usopp setting that chick's face on fire - were really enjoyable, so it's still somewhat of a win.

    And because this thread doesn't have as much discussion as it used to, riddle me this: what show do YOU think will replace AgK? I'm still gunning for Persona 4, which Chaika as my back-up guess.

    The only thing worse than maggots who want HxH removed based on personal preference are maggots who betray a show they love just because its ratings aren't to their liking. Also Ayumu.


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    Another threefer, but it's not entirely my fault. I had my part written out on Tuesday the 19th, but every time I tried to access the Boards, I kept getting the Maintenance screen. If I can't access, I can't read what others have written, let alone post. It was inconvenient timing for a Board revamp, but oh well. This will need to be in parts, because I've exceeded a character limit.

    Now, some responses.

    mgangel1124 said:

    Oh great now we get a damn vegan alien monster.
    Naruto- That's a boy?

    If the bit you reference is what I think it is, I think that the particular Parasite's objection was to the alcohol in the woman's body, not her flesh. I guess it doesn't like to imbibe. Also, I'm almost certain Yukimaru was referenced as being male in the first episode where he was mentioned/seen, but I don't have a recording on my dvr to confirm it, nor am I inclined to seek the footage online to confirm it. Maybe Poke can check his dvd if he isn't otherwise busy.

    Metatronda said:

    ...Ryuko does her best Cincinnati Bengals impression.

    Ouch, man. Fair, but ouch.

    DBZK - Old, old DBZK: Good for Goku. All those whuppins he took over the years toughened him up enough that he outlasted Frieza, as seen in Frieza's power dropping. It was gratifying to see him b<i>i</i>tchslap Frieza around.

    It was dumb for Frieza to use his version of the Destructo Disc. He needs to see it to direct it, while Goku can sense it. Thus, Frieza became a victim of his own attack, horribly severing him into pieces. It was impressive when Goku dodged two of them, though.

    The people on Earth getting tense while waiting felt like it dragged on and on and on.

    Old DBZK: Yep, Goku is a softie, but Frieza squandered the second chance Goku gave him and got Goku to kill him.

    Goku shouldn't have wasted his time with Frieza's compromised ship and headed for his own instead.

    I didn't take note of the name of the Namekian which Guru chose to be his successor and to receive his power to manifest Porunga, but it's nice that there is a chance for Chaotzu and Krillin to be revived once the Namekian Dragonballs become active again.

    Yes, Vegeta was right that the Namekians wouldn't like the reason one village's people weren't revived, but it was logical.

    New DBZK: I forget how Goku is still alive, but okay. He must be having a great time training/fighting somewhere that he doesn't want to be returned to Earth.

    It's a good thing for Krillin that Vegeta thought of the way to avoid reviving Krillin in a vacuum.

    Six wishes in less than nine Earth months was a lot, but they needed them all. Thanks, convenient plot point.

    I'm not sure why Dr. Briefs built another ship based on Saiyan pod technology, but Vegeta jacked that shiz, yos.

    AGK - Old, old AGK: This Bolic guy strikes me as being as bad as the P.M., if not worse. I felt sorry for that poor, naive woman of whom he was about to take advantage. Thankfully for her, she was saved by the delivery of some bad news.

    As for the Four Demons, Ibara, Mez, Sten and Suzuka, it was neat to see the return of the principle that an Imperial Arm can be incompatible with a user. Thankfully it worked to Akame's advantage when Murasame rejected Ibara, letting her get the sword back so she could kill him. The neck wound Lubbock gave Sten would've realistically been rapidly fatal, but we know the show plays things a bit loose in that regard. At least Sten didn't manage to survive his heart being diced. The blindside attack Lubbock used to kill Mez was appropriately sneaky. Of course it was a "what a waste; we're both one another's type, lol" situation. I was surprised he was able to get out of that fight not only alive, but victorious.

    I would like more information about the nature of the wound Chelsea gave Kurome, but I don't expect it. It's not surprising Kurome was still recovering from it. That her old squad killed those too injured to fight was not only terrible from the merciless attitude on display, but it was also a terrible waste of talented and trained personnel. Wave is a good guy, showing such concern for his teammate.

    While I'm not complaining that we got Najenda fanservice, I must say that there's a time and a place for it. Lubbock imagining that sight while fleeing for his life through a city street strikes me as neither.

    Old AGK: I was unnerved by seeing Seryu play with children. Yes, she admonished them to be good and follow the rules, and that's a fine message for them, but she left out the "or else" part that we know is part of her way of thinking.

    When the time came for Mine v. Seryu and Koro, I must say again that 1. Seryu's multiple weapons from Koro and her automail is magic, and 2. her mouth gun is b.s. However, her arm guns are much more plausible as a structural part of her automail arms. I'm not sure I buy Mine being tipped off by the smell of gunpowder. Pumpkin strikes me as a beam weapon, which wouldn't use gunpowder. Oh well. I like that Mine was able to make adjustments to Pumpkin's configuration to allow her to fire smaller shots in a continuous-fire mode. When Seryu gloated about Sheele and Chelsea, especially how Koro fully processed them digestively, I was disgusted by her attitude. "F**king psycho bitch" doesn't even come close to how wrong Seryu is in the head. I was pleased when Mine hit Seryu with a couple shots. I'm glad Mine's flashback was a false death signal, since she came out of it emotionally charged enough for a continuous beam from Pumpkin to blast through Koro, destroying its core, and sever Seryu's torso in addition to demolishing those ruins. I'll admit that after that shot, I was still worried about Seryu and her arm guns, which should've still been functional, and whether Mine really had taken out Koro's core. If seeing the severed, tiny version of Koro crawl to the dying Seryu was supposed to make me feel any sympathy toward either of them, then you failed miserably there, show. I had been spoiled on what ultimately killed Seryu, her detonating an implanted explosive, so that part wasn't surprising, but I didn't expect the blast to be that big. Also, we got one last glimpse into how messed up Seryu was. Not only was she truly a fanatic, being willing to be a suicide bomber for her idea of Justice, but she even admired, maybe even adored, the guy who made it so that she wouldn't leave any discernable remains. That's so messed up.

    Speaking of messed up, Suzuka, the last remaining Demon, was evidently a masochist who wanted to get with Esdeath and her sadism. Suzuka also didn't look like she knew how to put on a bra properly. Tatsumi looked like he did okay in his fight with her, which is to say he wasn't clearly outmatched, but he couldn't match her combat prowess. I was impressed to see him use the inherent protection of his armor and the characteristics of the battleground to his advantage, crushing Suzuka in the falling rubble of the ruins he intentionally brought down on them. I'm glad Tatsumi was able to finish his fight in time to shield Mine with Incursio from Seryu's blast.

    The start of Leone and Susanoo v. Kurome and Wave was okay. Wave is a good guy to stand up for his teammate, but I say that Leone has a legitimate beef with Kurome, so he can wait his turn. That it was still hard for Kurome to move as fast as she would need to move to survive was just her bad luck. I like Najenda being sneaky, speaking to Esdeath from some hiding spot. It's a recognition of Esdeath's power and Najenda's limitations. Akame and Lubbock taking out Bolic and his bodyguard was far from surprising.

    New AGK: Yeah, Leone would absolutely molest Tatsumi to make Mine jealous.

    I presume General Budo's lightning power is from an Imperial Arm. Given that kind of power, Tatsumi did well simply to survive, even if he was captured. What I wonder is whether Esdeath, back from slaughtering some foreign tribesmen who were allied to the Revolutionary Army, will kill Budo in order to get Tatsumi.

    Regading Kurome's collapse, I'm curious as to whether she's simply not healing from the wound Chelsea inflicted or is suffering a slow decline of health due to the wound's effect. She seems to be losing stamina and vigor to me.

    There was so much wrong with Syura's Imperial Arm. I'm tempted to call shenanigans about the teleportation points in the air, but there may be lighter/heavier-than-air craft in the show's universe which we simply haven't been shown, and even if there aren't such vehicles, we know that it's possible to tame Danger Beasts which can fly. However, I have a lot of trouble believing that he managed to mark all those points. It would take hours, or even days, to navigate to that many points in the air. However, that's only if he can mark coordinates by longitude, latitude and elevation. If a mark had to be anchored to atoms and/or molecules, then the points in the air would absolutely not work, and neither would any point on or in a body of water. Still, I call greater shenanigans on teleporting Lubbock into interplanetary space. We've seen nothing in the show to indicate that unmanned, let alone manned, space travel is within the capability of humans or Danger Beasts. With that in mind, how did Syura get there initially to mark the coordinates? The answer, of course, is that he couldn't. Le sigh. Even though Lubbock died in the process, at least he killed Syura. I can't say I was surprised that Lubbock died, but I do feel bad that he didn't get to get with Najenda.

    I was thoroughly :-| regarding not only the P.M.'s initial reaction to Syura's death, but also how rapidly he returned to normal. Yeah, he's awful. We get it.

    Is Foley.

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    Parasyte - Old, old Parasyte: Oh, no, a drunk woman. She's doomed. I wonder how many people are cold and distant in Japanese society, because I could tell right away something was off about the dude, but I do expect random people in the show to be monsters, and the woman didn't necessarily do the same. The good news was that the hair pluck test successfully identified the Parasite, but the bad news was that she couldn't stop him. Again, how did the hair plucking thing enter the public consciousness, show? You said it started happening, but you never addressed the how or stated why of the phenomenon. We know the real reason, but I doubt that was mentioned to the public. Back to the unfortunate drunk woman and her date's Parasite, I don't think that it initially intended to kill her here, but it had no choice after it was discovered. I didn't expect another Parasite to happen by and help dispose of the body, but eh.

    In Kana's dream, the style of dream!Shinichi reminded me of Guts from Berserk. Sadly, he was silent and thus didn't talk about his love for her being like a truck. Something didn't make sense to me about the dream, though. If Kana hasn't seen Migi in action, and I don't recall her seeing that, then how did she know in the dream that his hand could change to a sword and back? Later on the street, I'm not sure whether Shinichi reacting to Kana's approach and intercepting her hand was thanks to his heightened senses or Migi informing him of her approach. Shinichi letting her pull a hair was deceptive. If he really wanted her to know the truth, he'd let her pull a hair from the back of his hand.

    I'm glad that Shinichi finally had a date with Murano, and that it ended with a kiss seemed good. However, Murano crying afterward says otherwise to me. It's almost as if she kissed him as a test to see if she could feel the same way about him as she did before he changed. Her inner monologue and crying say to me that the test failed. I would expect this to be their first and last kiss, but maybe she won't give up on him so easily.

    There were things about the Parasite going after the Yakuza that didn't make sense to me. Let's address the three wounds. First, the biggest issue is with the strike to the head. If a Parasite is just muscle, then that slice should still damage it. Granted, we know they can harden and sharpen their tissue to make blades and piercing claws, so maybe it did that in anticipation, but the cut still looked like it got purchase in the Parasite's flesh. It should've at least bled, but we didn't see that. Second, how did the cut to its arm not sever it? If that's not part of the Parasite, then it should be normal human tissue. For such an arm to remain attached below the cut would indicate either horrible technique on the part of the sword's wielder or that the blade was far from sharp. Third, the leg wound didn't look like it limited the Parasite's movements as much as it should. Granted, much of the limitation a human would experience from such an injury is due to the pain response, which a Parasite may be better able to block or function through, but the compromised tissue would have decreased function as well. This and the arm wound also didn't seem to bleed very much. When we consider that in respect to the head wound, I must allow for the possibility that the arms and legs of this body were also Parasites, meaning this wasn't one Parasite against several armed men, but rather a conglomerate of Parasites working in conjunction to test how well they could function against humans in combat. I would expect at least the torso of the Parasite to still be human, because that's where all the vital organs upon which the Parasites rely to stay alive are. However, even that is in doubt due to what we saw when the Parasite made its escape. It snagged one dude for his clothes and changed its torso musculature to match the guy. That means that even the major muscles of the original host's torso were taken over by a Parasite. This clustering of several Parasites in one body would not happen normally. There must be some controlling Parasite which ordered or otherwise convinced them to team up like this. All that aside, I must also take issue with the Parasite's assessment of its exercise. I contend that there would be a substantial difference in the combat effectiveness of practiced amateurs and trained killers. Also, this was a surprise attack upon individuals who had no idea about the kind of creature opposing them. They weren't expecting to face an inhuman monster with freakish strength. JSDF troops or even SWAT-equivalent police would know about the monsters they were facing. The Yakuza were also too concerned about friendly fire. The tactics of a military or SWAT unit would minimize that concern, making them more readily able to engage the monster.

    I forget why Kana wanted Shinichi to meet her. Oh, crap, a Parasite environmentalist mayoral candidate. That could be really bad. Since there apparently were eight Parasites working together here, I consider that as more evidence that there is a mastermind coordinating them. I wonder who the mastermind is, though I expect it to be Ms. Tamiya's Parasite.

    Old Parasyte: Okay, so the rescue was a recurring dream for Kana. I'm not sure whether that’s a good or bad thing. I forget when in the episode it happened, but when Kana was in her room and had some rocking motion going, her boobs squished and recovered appropriately for the compression that happened. That was good attention to detail there, animators.

    I liked Migi's pragmatism when discussing Kana's potential to detect Parasites with Shinichi. It didn't want to be discovered and was willing to take action against her to remain secret. At least it admitted it had no sympathy and relied upon Shinichi's to keep her safe from it.

    I can respect Shinichi trying to keep Kana safe from the other Parasites by telling her about them and Migi and to stay away when she senses their signal. It was prudent, given Migi's threat, that he hit his hand on the wall to be certain Migi was asleep. However, it was disappointing that Kana was so very sure that his signal is different and she could discern it specifically, but she wasn't that good. It's too bad she didn't fully believe what he told her. I get Kana being jealous of Murano, but Kana trying to emit her own signal to him made me frightened for her. Though her own signal was weak and had a very limited range, it was still detectable. When Mitsuo interrupted a conversation between Shinichi and Kana, I liked Shinichi leaving to let them talk. I wasn't surprised Kana tried to break up with Mitsuo, nor that he wasn't willing for it to be over, because he still loved her. I was glad that Migi changed its mind about showing itself to Kana, so she might heed Shinichi's warning. I was disappointed but not really surprised that she ignored his advice. The first time this episode, it turned out okay, since the infested woman didn't pursue her, but the second time was a problem, because she caught one feeding in the abandoned building where she previously met Shinichi. I'm okay with him breaking his date with Murano to try to convince Kana of how dangerous the Parasites are. I will slightly fault Kana for, in addition to ignoring Shinichi's advice, not keeping quiet when approaching the signal she detected and for failing to run soon or fast enough. Yes, I can understand that she was shocked by what she saw, but she should've realized Shinichi told her the truth about how much danger she faced and acted sooner. When he arrived at the abandoned building, it was a terrible feeling to watch as she saw him there with his sword-hand in the doorway, her inner monologue expressing her relief that he was there to save her right up to the moment the Parasite stabbed her from behind. When Shinichi told Migi to handle the defense, I knew he was going to rush the Parasite rashly, but I didn't expect his augmented strength in his human arm and core to be enough to punch into the Parasite's host's chest, smash it through the wall, and rip out its heart. While the passion of the moment may have gotten the better of Shinichi, making his motivation more in line with revenge, he still accomplished the avenging of Kana's innocent blood here. I'm sad for Kana that her last words were about how dreaming about a guy saving her was too embarrassing to tell anyone. I also feel bad for her that her dying in his arms wasn't enough to make him feel that "hole in his heart" kind of pain, even when he saw the incomplete graffiti names on the wall, which I'm not sure whether it would've been "Shinichi Kana" or "Shinichi and Kana," since one way to interpret "ka" is as "and."

    At Kana's memorial service, I can't say that I liked that Shinichi didn't wear a black suit. It doesn't matter to me whether he came from school or was going/returning there after the service. He should've had the decency to dress appropriately. The government guys know Parasites have influenced Shinichi's life but not how much. In this case, him using the hair thing to fool them was more practical than shady. I took their comment about Nobuko being killed by a Parasite to indicate that either her head was eventually found and identified or her body was. Maybe both were. I can understand Mitsuo coming after Shinichi. Mitsuo blamed Shinichi for Kana's death, and I can't say Mitsuo was completely wrong. Sure, Shinichi tried to warn Kana to stay away from people who gave her the same sensation as he did, and she ignored that advice too many times, but he also met with her several times and told her a fantastic story. With a name that can be interpreted as "curious," I can't say that it would be out of character for her to want to know more about these sensations, why she had them, and whether his story was true. Back to the confrontation, it's fitting that Mitsuo was a mess, because, as said above, he still loved Kana. In light of his state, I can understand him interpreting Shinichi's seeming calm for a lack of feeling or caring for Kana. It was appropriate that Shinichi let Mitsuo hit him a few times before fighting back. Then we saw another of Shinichi's emotional outbursts. I may be reading too much into it, but when Shinichi does get emotional now, it seems to me that it's mostly in the form of an outburst centered on anger or outrage. It's like he's responding to a feeling of being wronged, like he or his "territory" was violated. On the surface it can look like concern for others, but I think it's more like he's protecting his world/sphere of interaction. That's akin to animal territorialism, so I can understand him seeming different to Murano and his concern that maybe the dispersed cells of Migi have done something harmful to his brain.

    Crap, the Parasite candidate was elected mayor. Soon it will be able to install other Parasites to positions where they can create a safe haven for Parasite feeding by either helping to hide the remains or cover up disappearances.

    New Parasyte: Shinichi, lying to Murano isn't a good idea. It will only create more emotional distance between you two. I know you're concerned about what Migi would do to her, but, like with Kana, you need to find a good time (read "Migi's nap time" ) to tell Murano the truth. If she doubts you, show her your chest and back.

    So, it's been several months in the show's timeline, since the child Ms. Tamiya's Parasite conceived with Mr. A's Parasite has been born. The nanny seems like a nice lady, but I, like her, would find it highly unusual that Ms. Tamiya's Parasite was able to calm the baby by touching its (I didn't catch whether the child was a boy or a girl) head and telling it to be quiet. I'm scared for the child that Ms. Tamiya's Parasite exhibited what I took to be impatience regarding the child being too immature to experiment upon.

    Crap, Ms. Tamiya's Parasite hired a P.I. to follow Shinichi. It looked like Shinichi returned to the scene of Kana's death to see if he could feel anything for her loss, and it didn't seem successful to me. Double crap, the P.I. caught Migi on camera. While the P.I. knowing Shinichi's secret is problematic for him and Migi, I think Shinichi did the morally right thing in preventing Migi from killing the guy. Even though Migi took the extraordinary step of separating from Shinichi to chase the guy, the guy was lucky that Migi's reduced mass and poor angle of attack kept it from succeeding in killing the guy. At least Migi was able to secure the camcorder and delete the P.I.'s surveillance files. Just to be extra safe, I feel like Shinichi should break the memory card and throw it away in some garbage can inside the school as well.

    The Parasite group is convinced Kana's killer was killed by another Parasite, and they're not completely off-target there. It's horrible that they've already set up feeding zones. I feel like Shinichi caught a break in the Parasites blaming the dead Parasite for its own demise, due to being sloppy and rash, and they're relieved to be rid of a secrecy liability.

    I was glad to see one thing that I took as a positive development; Kazuyuki seems to be drinking a lot less, if any, over Nobuko's death. Maybe he's coping in a more healthy way now.

    SC - "Old, old" SC: Oniwakamaru was a victim of prejudice and superstition, people thinking that the deformed are something inhuman. The sad thing is that such beliefs are still a thing in many third-world countries and distant rural areas of developed nations around the world.

    Two consecutive episodes with Jin manservice. I know one fangirl who was very happy about that.

    "Old" SC: If memory serves, Mugen hails from a group of islands south of the main islands of Japan. While there wouldn't necessarily have been crabs in those waters, I feel like he should be familiar with the idea of crustaceans, and thus would know not to eat the shell of a crab.

    Nagatomi was slimy, and Kawada was, while a criminal, at least an honorable guy.

    Osuzu's father never learned the lesson I was taught growing up about gambling- only gamble as much as you can afford to lose. Once you've lost that sum, it's time to stop.

    "New" SC: Of course Fuu would attract the one guy who wanted a domineering woman to berate him. Thanks for the save, Momo.

    While Mugen and Jin did kill several guys this episode, I don't think that the local or regional government would be too concerned about tracking down the killers of some organized criminals.

    I took it as a sign of respect from Mugen to Ishimatsu that Mugen set him upright and leaned his sheathed sword against him.

    Is Foley.

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    Shippuden - Old, old Shippuden: It seemed like Kabuto said the headgear which Yukimaru wore on the lake administered some kind of drug to amplify some ability he has. Did anyone else get that impression?

    That's kind of cheap, show. You're trying to get us to like Yukimaru or at least feel some sympathy toward him by not only having him be someone Orochimaru had taken from his family (if the family wasn't killed in the process), but also showing him fall ill. I think you were trying to humanize Guren somewhat by having her care for the kid and recall a time when her mother cared for her when she was ill. However, we know this is filler, and that makes it difficult to care about these characters who will likely never be seen after this arc.

    I liked seeing Pakkun and Tonton together. It just made me smile.

    Tsunade's reasoning for sending Sai, Sakura and Yamato was sound enough.

    Good on Kiba for realizing something may be fishy with the bats. However, I was disappointed to learn that Shino doesn't have enough control over his beetle swarm to retain any with eggs in his body intentionally when he sends some out to do something.

    Old Shippuden: Gamatatsu trying to learn water bullets wasn't as bad as I expected. Of course, that meant Gamakichi had to make Naruto get in Gamatatsu's mouth to try to accelerate their synchronization so Naruto could go out with the rest of his squad the next day. Ew for both of them.

    I feel like Akamaru picking up the scent of bats and tracking that would be much more difficult than following a person's scent on the ground. Good work, Akamaru. After that, Hinata found four of their quarry, so good for her. It's too bad that Shino needs to take time to multiply his beetle swarm, but reinforcements which are resistant to Guren's jutsu will be a good thing.

    I get it, show. You're trying to make us sympathize with Yukimaru by having his mother disappear or die in his past, but eh.

    New Shippuden: Regarding not!Gumby v. Hinata, what? Her Byakugan lets her see the other person's chakra network. How could she miss a devastating, chakra-blocking hit at that range? Shenanigans!

    Good on Kiba for finding a way to dispel the smokescreen.

    Just to make things drag out more, Guren's flunkies had to retreat when Shino arrived.

    It's interesting that the strong dude can make himself smaller and faster, though necessarily weaker, at will. Kakashi didn't even need to use his Sharingan to get the guy to flee.

    OP - Old, old OP: Yep, the Phoenix Pirates were defeated. I can't say I care that much other than the actual First Mate being selfless in sacrificing himself so the others could escape.

    The moving icebergs are really strange. I want to know how the fillains do that, but I don't expect an answer. Also, Luffy and Zoro were mighty impressive in taking out two iceberg obstacles. It's too bad that Zoro got left and Chopper and Luffy were stuck on a battered ship when the tow rope was severed.

    Again, the one fillain woman is a looker. The Beck wannabe should count himself a lucky man.

    Hey, jerk bird (or was it a flying fish)! Get back here with that flag! Alternatively, shoot it down, Usopp!

    Old OP: Calm down, Sanji. What's so bad about a husband and wife being affectionate toward one another? Tone down the jealousy. Also, I agree with Sanji that the woman has kicking skills.

    Poor Usopp, being beset by the evil penguins.

    Thanks, Franky and Nami in your neat shark submarine. I didn't expect evil penguins to be responsible for the moving icebergs, not that it would realistically be plausible, but physically implausible or impossible is how this show rolls, so that's no big deal. I'm more surprised that the how of the iceberg maze was explained. Thanks, show.

    I don't know why the evil penguins took Zoro to the Accino Family home base, but okay.

    If anyone won't underestimate a child, it's Robin.

    The Accino Family using their bird to steal flags so the pirates won't try to leave the maze is dirty and low. Someday, someone's simply going to shoot down the bird. Unless the beefy Accino guy has more to him than pure strength, Luffy will make comparatively short work of him. Of course the fight happening on the Phoenix Pirates' ship will rekindle Puzzle's fighting spirit.

    I know that the Phoenix Pirates counted the rowboat Chopper and Luffy took as something they'd never see again, but it's a shame Luffy broke it when they crashed back onto the deck.

    New OP: Good, Luffy finally managed to hit the second Accino son and capture him, but an escape was in order, because it would be too easy for him to be taken down already. I appreciated Chopper's enthusiasm in wanting to save Luffy from drowning, but yeah, the kid was right. Thankfully, Puzzle did a neat chain thing to pull the sinking Luffy from the water.

    Of course Zoro would wander around Lovely Land with no idea where he was. I wonder if the oldest Accino brother is a twin to the second oldest.

    To the surprise of no one, Sanji couldn't bring himself to fight a pretty lady. Luckily for him, Usopp and his Fire Star were there to keep Sanji from getting pummeled.

    I don't know how the ice pucks work, but, again, it would've been too easy for Franky to beat that guy so soon, so trapping Franky and Nami in their shark sub had to happen.

    Robin trying to get the girl to take her to Lovely Land was to be expected. It feels like Robin is playing along, but I think she's very suspicious of the girl.

    KLK - "Old, old" KLK: I like that Ryuko refused to give up her "unfair advantage" once Jakuzure was grounded. S<i>u</i>cks to be at a disadvantage, doesn't it?

    Yes, Jakuzure, Mako has a name, and you will use it, betch.

    Yep, Harime broke Ryuko's brain already.

    "Old" KLK: Mako talking and smacking Ryuko back to her senses is still fun and sappily touching, but not as funny as Mako calling out that Ryuko's blood is worth a lot of money.

    Of course Senketsu should have more than one banshi. It has absorbed several from Club Presidents' Uniforms, which likely reinforce its own stitching.

    "New" KLK: Mako's right. Newspaper comics are soooo the best.

    Harime being able to modulate her voice with a Life Fiber disguise doesn't make sense, but eh.

    Honorable mention from elsewhere:
    I'm not wading through all the B and IB type topics to find things I want to read about the shows or elfie and Hunter's comic, so none until we get some organization up in here. We don't need all the folder divisions we had previously, but some clustering would be useful.

    Since the only weeks of posts I have available to me are for the week of 3 January - 9 January, 2016 and this week, some of the Top Tens will have to wait until the last week and a part of the old Boards are archived and made available for reading. Also, I refuse to put the names in all caps unless I know that a name was such under the old Boards.

    20 contenders three weeks ago.

    For 3 January - 9 January, 2016, the Trunks Thread Top Ten Quotes of the week:

    Ten - Metatronda: This week on Toonami, Goku and Frieza throw down on the dying planet Namek in one final clash to determine the strongest among them, Night Raid finally decides to set about assassinating that dude from the Path of Peace (remember that, from like 2 months ago?), Kana is still thirsty for Shinichi, that crazy dude who got his arm cut off by Mugen hasn't given up on his revenge just yet, Naruto tries to teach the frogs to use Suiton jutsu while Tsunade sends Yamato's team to back up Kakashi, Puzzle wakes up thanks to Chopper's care while the ice trap starts to separate the crew, and finally Ryuko's battle with Jakuzure continues while Sanageyama waits in the wings.
    Nine - Poke_Nirvash: ONE PIECE... Hey, that purple-haired chick looks pretty hot. And that girl who I think is her daughter is pretty cute. Or maybe they're sisters, that works too.
    Eight - mgangel1124: Parasyte... Nothing says friendship like ripping hair out of each other's skulls.
    Seven - Poke_Nirvash: I love this image.
    Six - mgangel1124: NOOO CHOPPER GO SAVE HIM... WHERE IS CHOPPER... Now go get Chopper.
    Five - Ghost_of_a_Librarian: I wish the nice guys who are working with Esdeath could be on the right side.
    Four - Gaynor79: Seeing Samurai Champloo back on TV again brought back some real good nostalgia and fond memories. There's something about the opening theme song that is both energetic and relaxing at the same time. The show brings you in, embraces you, and then lets you come along for one crazy ride.
    Three - Ghost_of_a_Librarian: Shinichi... One of these days they're going to think he's the one doing the killing.
    Two - mgangel1124: Parasyte... You had a really bad idea and you're probably going to die... Oh yeah that'll end well. That ended surprisingly well. Who knew paint thinner worked so well as alien poison?
    And now, the Number One Quote of the Week is...
    One - mgangel1124: Akame- RIP gimp man... HOORAY, GIMP MAN'S ALIVE... Look out gimp man it's a trap. Nooooo don't hurt him he's the best. THIS IS HORSE SHIT I HATE EVERYTHING. Just let him live a happy life with his adorable family... How dare you masquerade as gimp man... You are a insult to gimp man's memory. That seemed way too easy you're probably about to die... Yeah you're totally gonna die. That's what you get for killing gimp man.

    Really, new Boards? You won't let me number in reverse order. You must renumber what I've written starting at ten while ignoring the countdown numbering I've done. That's really dumb. Then again, that's "smart" algorithms for you, presuming to know what you intend to do/write better than you do. This is beyond an autocomplete suggestion. This is seeing what I did, choosing to scrap that, and replacing it with a numbered list that counts upward without even starting at one.

    Is Foley.

  • Helper

    Old week:
    Akame- No matter who actually wins this fight, someone I hate dies. I win either way! Puppy deserved better.
    Parasyte- Holy fuck this girl is crazy and nothing of value was lost.
    Champloo- Oh man I completely forgot about giant hooker Jin and it's like the sunshine returned to my life.
    Naruto- I made it 30 seconds into this episode.
    One Piece- I do love the flock of evil penguins.

    Last week:
    Akame- I like how even the villain here doesn't give a shit about this plot. You may be dead but at least you don't have to be in this show anymore.
    Parasyte- Whelp, y'all done fucked up now.
    Champloo- Don't fuck with vases, man.
    Naruto- That guy looks like a futuristic sex doll.
    One Piece- You know it's cold when Franky considers pants.

  • Toonami

    Wait, who are you agai- [sees signature] Oh, right.

    The name of Super Kami Guru's successor as Grand Elder is Moori.
    IIRC, the bad news didn't stop that girl from doing the sex ritual with Bolic. Not to mention she actually seemed pretty into it.
    Lotta TL;DR paragraphs in your Parasyte overviews, not that it's a bad thing or anything. :P
    Mugen eating the crab shell came off less as ignorance and more as him not giving a f*ck.
    Something something Naruto filler.
    Zoro ending up in Lovely Land was more likely the result of his tendency to get lost easily more than anything else.
    Screw the (in)sensibility of Life Fiber voice alteration, the Stephanie Sheh character disguising herself as a JYB character was just perfect.

    The only thing worse than maggots who want HxH removed based on personal preference are maggots who betray a show they love just because its ratings aren't to their liking. Also Ayumu.


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    I was wondering when this thread was going to pop again.

    Miss the old style boards? Why not come join us at rebuildofevangelion.org? It's just like the ASMB you remember, just a little more focused on Neon Genesis Evangelion. But we do have an IB of sorts. Come on down!

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    Poke_Nirvash said:

    IIRC, the bad news didn't stop that girl from doing the sex ritual with Bolic. Not to mention she actually seemed pretty into it.
    Lotta TL;DR paragraphs in your Parasyte overviews, not that it's a bad thing or anything. :P
    Zoro ending up in Lovely Land was more likely the result of his tendency to get lost easily more than anything else.

    I take it you're talking about the manga there. In which case, poor her. There's no telling how many diseases that guy had.
    Parasyte is the most thought-provoking show on the block. If you have the time this week, you might find something in there worth actual discussion.
    Yes, ignorant and/or aimless wandering is one of Zoro's things. I will laugh if he manages to stumble upon the flags before any other Straw Hat who is actively seeking theirs.

    Is Foley.

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    Akame- Don't fight, you're both stupid. Do they not know that green dude died or do they just not give a shit. God you're pathetic lady. Does anybody really need a reason to kill Tatsumi? Oh good, one of them almost gives half a fuck that he died. Can't he just turn on his armor and escape? Goddammit he's still alive. This would have been so much better if they were lesbians. The only decent people left are gonna die here aren't they. Wouldn't it be great if they all killed each other? This is the worst rescue ever. Not enough of you are dying. You wasted that power by not stabbing Tatsumi in the dick. Aaaand there it goes, the last fuck I had to give. Really, THIS is the best time you've had in a thousand years? God how shitty was your life before now. I feel absolutely nothing here. And nothing of value was lost.

    Parasyte- Nah I vote you kill them all. Oh hey it's that guy. I'm with mouth here, kill them all. Well that's a fun power. Way to be a dick, Joe. Did she get a new job where is she getting money for private investigators and child care and restaurants? Jesus that's creepy. HAHAHAHA SUFFERING. I pity that kid. Oh no he's got a family shit's about to get all complicated. You're the worst detective. Migi and Joe, best team. Shinichi needs a hug. Dude I'm gonna recommend you take your family and run far away. Oh fuck you lady. Really hope Migi stays awake for this. Don't you have a nanny why are you bringing the kid to school. Well that's a depressing lecture. That's totally how you hold a baby. Alright lady so what the hell is going on. Hey, pigs are delicious. Whelp time to throw this bitch off the roof. BABY SHIELD. I wish I had the power to shut kids up like that. Uh hey Shinichi you okay there buddy? Beware of vases! Well that's gonna be a bit of a problem.

    Champloo- Don't trust creepy dudes who try to pick you up in restaurants. That line about the squid always makes me laugh.

    Naruto- You're all terrible and I hate you. FUCK THESE GODDAMN FROGS.

    One Piece- I don't know why Chopper is wearing a little jacket when he's a reindeer and fully equipped to survive in a winter climate, but it's goddamn adorable. Oh yeah I know twins and they can all do that gay magnet thing. Zoro's got the right idea, just ignore everything and get fucking blitzed.

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