Beware the Battle Cattle!
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    But don't fear the Battle Cattle!

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    The Battle Moo

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    "I'm moving and not moving at all. I'm like the moon underneath the waves that ever go on rolling and rocking."

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    Still want a Battle Cattle mod or something.

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    Can't wait to hear these words again soon.

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    Oh really?

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    Do you fear the Battle Cattle Reaper?

    Radiotsar, One Warped Vision, Charity Navigator
    Перший в стіну, коли революція іде!

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    That would be a sight to see.

  • AdultSwim.Com


    kehotik, as you are a very well known user and friend to everyone on the boards,

    i reach past my own being in thanking you for posting with us!!!

    if i needed to reconstruct this place,

    i would totz need you. you being here right now answers a thread i made a couple days ago...

    i shouted out to IB, prolly, maybe .com... not sure... anyway the shout out was for swim experts to come HOME.

    and now youre here. I title the thread "we need the internet messiahs to arrive"

    or some nauseating vomitous attention grabbing yolk, for yall to come HOME

    where the actual fvck is everyone.... this new board lifted away all of the hostility i was getting in the old boards,

    because now the feed is live enough for me to stimulate a valid response from completely anonymous peeps

    but i have like 5 trolls and 5 friends and ALL OF YOU THAT NEVER DENIED ME.. BUT WHERE ARE YOU?

    kehotik, i am so glad to see you.

    :robotfrustrated:Necrotic techno-magic bullshit.:robotfrustrated:COWBOY_STILGAR sed so

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