Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS
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  • SwimSuperHero

    Finally reached a new milestone. I now have 100 unique trophies.
    Soon after than I bought two more so I'm up to 102 trophies.

    I bought Gamyga and PAC-MAZE.
    I got Yellow Pikmin, Ashley, and Silver tonight while playing All-Star.

    I've been trying to clear All-Star on Easy, but I haven't succeeded yet.
    I'll get there eventually. Was close tonight. I've completed 28/35 challenges.
    Been working on clearing All-Star on Easy and clear Classic on intensity 3.0 or higher.

    Feel free to talk about any Smash Bros. game and your accomplishments in this thread.

    Usopp Fanatic since 2003.

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    When I played Brawl with my friends I would always run away with Sonic and let them do all the fighting and then get the Smash Ball and kill everybody, but then they started ganging up on me because they thought I was playing like a lil btch.

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