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    Turns out I wasn't banned from OKC after all. I thought I was "shadow banned" as they call it (It's a ban that allows you to log into your account, but your outgoing messages are never seen).

    So, at any rate, it looks like I'm in luck this weekend. I started talking to this girl who lives about twenty-five minutes north of me up in the woods and so far it's looking pretty good for a date this weekend. She's fairly attractive, but a bit on the nerdy side as she's a calculus/physics double major college student. Her manner of speaking is pretty formal from what I can tell.

    How do you think this will go? Do you think she'll be kinda robotic if we meet up and I try to tell a corny math joke ("My calculations inform me that you are telling a joke. Ha ha ha. I find it very funny indeed." ) or do you think she'll be laughing so hard at a joke that's really not that funny that she falls out of her seat and clumsily knocks everything on the table over while she's still on the floor laughing uncontrollably?

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    You don't need to lie to us zeni.

    You called down the thunder. Well, now you've got it!

  • Assy McGee Banned

    Calculus isn't a major. Lot's of physics majors double in math because it's usually a difference of a couple classes to do so. She'll be like any other chick. She'll either be interesting or boring. If she's all serious I'd abort. Serious broads aren't fun.

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