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  • Toonami


    Also, we now have a run time - seems the movie will be 95 minutes long.

  • Toonami Banned

    Yo think they fixed some of the abysmal animation from the trailer.

    Because if not...f**k...

  • Banned

    Yeah, I just went back and watched the trailer.... I really hope that isn't how it will be.... I'd rather read the comic.

    If you gotta go go with a smile

  • SwimSuperFan

    Not sure if I'd go see it or not. The trailer looked extremely bad for me, especially the very bad frame rate. I'm sure the movie might be good, but I'll pass. Not to mention I just don't care about Batman or any of those bitches

    Bush did 9/11

  • Toonami

    I'm not a big fan of the animation, but I felt that way about some of their past movies and got over it within minutes pretty much every time. Superman vs The Elite is probably the best example I can give since I've heard a lot of people say the same thing about that movie.

    My worry is how much movie-original content it'll have. It was one thing when a lot of us figured they'd add some backbone to it to help fill up their average run time of roughly seventy-five minutes, but an extra twenty minutes beyond that... it could be really fantastic if done right or something we'll probably complain about for a good twenty years if it's done wrong. DC's animated movies can be hit-or-miss regardless of who works on them, so it could honestly go either way.

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