Getting my Morning Meat In
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    Well here's the deal. I was playing MGS4 for a solid two hours, wow I shouldn't drink when I play, I used up all my rations just getting through Act 1. I was doing silly ish. Anyway, the bigger issue here is that I was a little hungry, so I went into the fridge to find some soul food and guess what I found... the meat that at the bottom of the fridge leaked! There's juice from the meat all over! So I scrambled to clean it all up and now I'm cooking the meat.

    Yeah now I know how they felt all those years ago with that one major oil spill off the coast of Washington... or was it Alaska? Yeah that kinda got me upset because all those poor birds and seals were covered in oil and died all because the oil drilling companies were stuck in their capitalist agendas. We've gotta save the animals. Captain Planet would have gone 0 to 100, rage mode and probably destroyed the perpetrator's oil complex... maybe... Watching too much First Blood.

    Yeah well I need to eat right now. I'm hungry, but those are my thoughts. Crazy meat spill

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    TL:DR - What's his name?

    If you gotta go go with a smile

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