how can you be so old and still not know how to stay in your lane
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    Here's a driving story that happened on my way home.

    Imagine two lanes at a stop sign -- both turning into a three lane road. The right is for the far right lane, the left for the left and far left turning lane.

    Anyways, bald f**k with dad sports glasses tries turning in the right lane to get to the left lane (the one I'm turning in) like some goddamn nut hair and has the gall to try and flag me down while we're sitting at the light making finger gestures that I'm sure make sense if you don't know how to drive.

    It bothers me that he'll never know how lanes work. I'm hoping one day he'll try that and get smashed by a truck or whatever, but justice in this world doesn't exist. If it did I'd own a crossbow and I could shoot him with it.

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    I was stopped by a cop who almost hit me when ran a yield sign at an intersection.

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    ...I'm hoping you're simply leaving out the part where you shot him with a crossbow.

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    you should watch waifu drive. Bitch almost got us both killed.

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    Oh I got one...

    Imagine 4 lanes...one that goes left, two that go straight, and one that goes right...

    This BMW is pretty much with me for my whole trip and whenever the light turns green he floors it...like he thinks he's hot shit...anyways...I'm in one of the "going straight" lanes and he's next to me in the " turning right lane"...next thing I know he's got his window open trying to get me to open my window...so I do...and he shouts at me..."hey....I need to go that way (gesturing straight)...when the light turns green, I'm gonna move over..."

    and I'm like....yer f**kin lucky my car is new you jackass...

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    i don't watch hentai

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    Meh, I've been behind more younger people who can't keep it within the lane markings than older people. I'll wonder if they're drunk, but invariably it a cellphone issue. They should never give car keys and a cellphone to people who can't walk & chew gum at the same time.

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    But turning and making the conscious effort of lane crossing and thinking you're right to do so is another case entirely. Man should be slapped.

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    When someone flags you down and makes hand gestures just tell them "I'm ready to die, are you?"

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