Bring Inuyasha back to [as] Thread.
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    Just do it.

    it better than the crap youre showing nowadays.

    show an episode every weekday night like you used to.

    Inuyahsa made you [as]

    introduce new kids to it

    it was crack back in the day...

    it can be the kids new crack now like DBZ

    Do it right.


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    way better than Naruto.. :|


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    dbz then a Inuyasha episode every weeknight

    familyguy is trash


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    I was kinda pumped when InuYasha: The Final Act was announced as a returning series, because it never got its chance to be on the Marathon Stream, which launched a couple of months after it ended.

    Of course DeMarco was quick to point out that it was just a mistake. But Final Act would have made a great transition back to [as] comedy as well as to Toonami Pre-Flight on weekends.

    Not to mention that if [as] had kept old IY, we probably would never have seen Toonami shrink down to 3-1/2 hours!

    This week Toonami returns to normal, but that isn't such a bad thing, right? Beginning at Midnight, it's premieres of DBZ Kai, JoJo, Gundam IBO, Hunter x Hunter, Shippuden, and One Piece, then Saitama comes at 3 to punch out the lights! Only @Toonami!

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    I think as a series for the backend of Toonami Inuyasha would do well, and I'd be lying if I didn't say that I find Inuyasha a guilty pleasure. However the problem with bringing it back lies in the length of the block right now. Being that Toonami only has 7 slots, four of which are long runners, it isn't worth it right now to bring another long runner back for what amounts to another rerun. If Toonami picks up another hour or so? I could see it being worth it then. But not in the state the block is in right now.

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    Fucking WHAT?

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    Why keep re showing the same anime? There's about a million anime they could show and a lot of it is way better than what they show now.

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