when did dis become da zenigundam board?
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    dis place used to be mine and mine alone. I WAS DA KING! everyone laffed at my threads about poop and farts and fat chicks falling down, and my wacky adventures wit my homie naven.

    i ain't post here much cos i ran out of thread ideas, but everytime i come back its ZENIGUNDAM ZENIGUNDAM ZENIGUNDAM! EVERYWHERE!

    what happened to me? just cos i ain't been posting here, dat doesn't mean you guys shouldn't be making threads about me.

  • Manowarrior

    Damn, GeeGee beat me to the punch by approximately 15 minutes. But I actually did the calculations, so my effort was not all for naught.

    Congratulations 2010, 2012, and 2014 San Francisco Giants! Beat LA!

    Ain't got no time for bird sex, I wanna fly...

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    The Hound.
    @Naraku4656 said:
    > IB's last thread was by Viperslayer

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    I made that BAR HAR HARBOR thread with you in mind.

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    Seeing as how this is pretty much the only thread that deserves a reply, I'll go ahead and tell you why.

    Zeni is probably the only poster who can spam like this and it not make me want to catch bans flaming his nuts off. He has a certain charm that while his threads are retarded, they still can make you smile.

    Not many other posters have that.....I simply won't silently tolerate spam out of any of these other f**ktards, especially IBers. Their shitposting infuriates me.

    Not IB exclusively though.....I mean Ghostrek, Packard, hell, even fuggz makes me want to brush their teeth in a dirty toilet when they do that shit, but not Zeni.....Somehow, he just know what he's doing when it comes to spam.

    Zeni is the spambot we deserve.

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    God bless that boy... God bless him.

    The professor sat down, utterly defeated by the young man's overwhelming brilliance.
    That young man’s name?
    Albert Einstein.

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    Kehotik_Angel said:

    I made that BAR HAR HARBOR thread with you in mind.

    I didn't see dat show it to me NOW

  • SwimSage Banned

    Who are you again?

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