You guys listen to Battle Rap?
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    Interesting stuff. All you do is spout aggressive lyrics to a generic hip hop beat and then your opponent responds.

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    *Rap battles.

    The Hound.
    @Naraku4656 said:
    > IB's last thread was by Viperslayer

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    Viperslayer said:

    *Rap battles.



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    Yeah... I also partake in battle rap when given the chance..

    I'd start a thread for it if we had enough users interested..

    I have like 30+ recorded songs though. 4 of them are good.

    BE warned.

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    Ok! Ok!

    Spit some rhymes, PS! I'm not an avid fan of battle rap, but I love the adversarial atmosphere!

    drops a beat

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    This post is deleted!

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    k..let me actually drop a beat..

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    Yo.. yo here it goes. I'm not a fan of this trap shit
    Just a man that does prose, and understands that
    the latter..gave the land to some hos the planet's
    been pwned by unintelligible shit we keep slammin
    our nose wit it like Japans doin' coke it's on the rise;
    like your man with some bowls; an' a can o' fresh hope.
    This is my last stand, and I understand that it wont
    make a change, but then hey, what would I do if I
    didn't complain? what would I be if I didn't spit flame?
    Just a ho... another one o' them joes eatin' off the game
    like it's a trip to Quizznos.. Them ho's have no brains
    the shit I spit's ten fold; but even though the shit is so simple
    my hands.. they now tremble when I'm plannin' a stance
    cuz I have to stay nimble; in the era of hash tags and
    and tweets that resemble; things in the prepubescent
    dreams of pre-teens written or rather typed by the likes
    of people in their freakin twenties; I pity the fool..
    Still I have a dream that one day mc's will be plentiful;
    That's why I'm still here scribbling things with my pencil
    pumped from my ventricles, but my heart 'as gone cold
    though this flow is extendable I know that you giggle inside
    when you see that my spirit has dwindled. So I'll end with

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