Damn, what the hell other guitar technology have I been missing?
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  • Manowarrior

    During the mid 90s - mid 00s I played guitar all the time. Then I for whatever reason pretty much stopped playing. I would play occasionally, but not enough to be updated on new guitar technology. Since about this March, I've been playing again, and I signed up for a beginning guitar class at the local community college, since my friend was taking it too. Today was the first day, and our instructor told us to get an electronic tuner of this type or similar:


    Holy shit, is this thing awesome. Not only convenient, but it's a SHITTON more accurate and less temperamental than the other tuners I've been using over the years. My old tuners, when you get it to around the right spot, the needle or whatever bounces between sharp and flat like crazy, so it's hard to get an accurate reading. This one does NOT do that. When the string is in tune, the light is dead center, never moving. Awesome.

    I literally just used this tuner for the first time and I don't think my guitar has ever been this accurately tuned before.

    Hooray for guitar technology. I wonder when these kinds of tuners were introduced, anyway?

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