My cat doesn't care for catnip
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    Just ignores it completely
    Not a fan
    Cats are supposed to love that stuff right?

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    Put it in your hands and rub your hands together to really crush it up and bring out the oils.... then pet the cat on the face....

    Rockets take flight..... put on some pink floyd and wrap that kitty in a towel like a burrito...... all good.

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    I hear not all cats.
    I plan on getting my kitty some this weekend.
    I will report back with results then.

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    Some cats love it, some cats don't. Their age is also a factor. Kittens don't always go crazy for it because they are already crazy. My cat loves it but only if it's been marinating in itself in an air-tight container for awhile so it really has a scent to it. I keep her kitty-pot in a white ceramic jar on the bookcase and she will come running from a solid sleep in the bedroom all the way to the living room if I so much as touch it.

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    my cat doesn't care for the litter box.

    just ignores it completely and shits on the floor right in front of the damn thing.

    want a cat?

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    Your cats a narc

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    Doesn't work on all cats. Before the female died, she was crazy for the stuff - the male sniffs it and almost recoils in terror. Oddly, he went crazy for garlic mustard leaves, which look similar to catnip leaves.

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