One Piece discussion thread....
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    So is there a One PIece thread already?

    Anyway -- so let me get this straight - I've been busy as hell and haven't been following that well lately. So Luffy split the crew up, right?

    Sanji, Brook, Nami & Chopper took Caesar to Gou or Zou or w/e the Mink island is called, right?

    Then Big Mom's thugs came and took Sanji and Caesar.


    Where are Law's crew at and why didn't they help him on Dressrosa?

    Who's going with Luffy to retrieve Sanji?

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    Ok watching Straw Hats versus Iron Masked Duval/Flying Fish Pirates One Piece episode 387. In it there was a conversation between the strawhat crew about who the guy in the mask could be. Nami asks Sanji if it was someone he had angered from when he was working on the Baratie. Sanji replies that he can't remember from 3 years ago. Does that mean that Luffy and the first three have been traveling together for 3 years? Or was he talking about something else 3 years ago? Does that mean that luffy has been traveling on the seas for about 5 years or so if that is the case? Answers people, all you one piece fanatics need to provide answers!!!

    Why, thank you for noticing!

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    No, Luffy and them were sailing for about 5 months at that point. Or at least that's the speculation. The three years were probably on the Baratie.

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    Might want to throw up a spoiler warning. Not that anyone cares anymore, but still.

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