Checked out the Toonami tab on this site
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    I find it to be lacking in many areas.

    1. It's mostly just a schedule, which I could find through my TV guide anyway.
    2. There's this "show" called Pre-Flight and it reminds me of the really bad Space Ghost Coast 2 Coast interviews. The ones that make you .
    3. Fan sites show the Toonamites' ardor, but is it appropriate to have links to them?
    4. The clips lack blood or maturity. I like some of the anime being featured, but there's a lot more leeway for gore and violence with this being Adult Swim and all, but they're not using.
    5. The downloads don't impress me. I hate this "Tom" dude. How about downloads of the best scenes from MA shows like Hellsing Ult?

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    No such thing as bad Space Ghost interviews.

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    Any suggestions for improving it? Should it be replaced with another tab? What do you think?

    I think it can stay, it might just want to keep Zeni's suggestions in mind.

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