Don't buy into the iphone hype
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    A phone is a phone. We don't need to shell out a few hundred every time a new model comes out. I have a basic LG neon 2 galaxy honestly I don't even know what my phone is called. I can post a picture if you're that curious and before that I had the same flip phone for ten years.

    Don't buy into the hype! Keep it simple and save $.

  • SwimPirate

    Clearly apple downvoted you, don't let them win!

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    I have an LG and pay $35 a month for unlimited text and call and internet usage. Yay for prepaid!

  • SwimPunk Banned

    Your phone is Mickey Mouse

  • Banned

    Zenigundam said:

    I have a basic LG neon 2 galaxy

    No wonder the girls don't like you.

  • SwimSuperHero

    I have a TracFone. I didn't like having a smartphone and luckily the Best Buy I went
    to had one flip phone left. I bought a one year card for it so I don't have to pay for it every month.

    Simple is good.

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    LG doesn't make galaxies. Samsung does. I have a gold Samsung Galaxy s6...I didn't get the 7 because I'm happy with my phone

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