Not Awesome Tim and Eric go to the President, Bad Job
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    Can someone please tell me what is funny about Tim and Eric, or anything those two guys do?? I am legitimately asking, because I have never met anyone who thinks they are amusing, and they just annoy me personally. Why does Adult Swim keep letting them make shows? Maybe they have good ratings? I dunno but, if they do, I gotta imagine it's just because people get high and fall asleep with the TV on.

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    Have you seen The Comedy?

    Go watch The Comedy, then report back

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    You have to enjoy anti-comedy to like Tim & Eric

    Muscle, muscle! Hustle, hustle!

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    personally what drew me in was how they're so centered on - like humans as the animals we are. I enjoy that there's no fear of ugliness, like how - a lot of tv will tend to try to make us look prettier than we actually are as an animal.

    I like how T&E not only don't go that route, but they're almost joyful/celebratory about it. Sort of "this is who we are, why can't we just have fun with that?"

    Like if - I trip and fall and look stupid, there are tons of ways I can react to that/look at that. One is to become angry at myself, or embarrassed, or angry at the circumstances that led to my tripping or - you know, any number of other things.

    What Tim & Eric do I think is - fall down and sort of point out that - we are what we are, and quite often those mistakes we make are just funny. And if anything, it's actually compounded just due to the fact that people take themselves so seriously (especially on the internet) that it adds that dimension as well.

    Not only are we emotionally unequipped to laugh at what we are, but sometimes we take ourselves so seriously that we're even affronted that someone would suggest that we're funny.

    People though - are basically - I think funny over all other things. And TIm & Eric capture that on many different levels.

    It's simple, but also very very layered. You can enjoy it as a dumb joke, or you can go deeper if you feel like it.

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    Its supposed to make you cringe, feel strange and awkward.
    Thats the point.
    Its... i guess avant-garde?

    The professor sat down, utterly defeated by the young man's overwhelming brilliance.
    That young man’s name?
    Albert Einstein.

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