Zeni's Plans for Saturday
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    3am/4am- Sleep. Very tired
    ~11am- Wake up. Eat food.
    12:00pm- Drink
    12:30pm-3:00pm- Probably go on ASMB or play Demon's Souls, but I want to dedicate this time to GRE prep
    3:00pm-6pm- Take a break from GRE prep and do the opposite of what I actually do from 12:30pm-3pm.
    6:00pm-8pm- Rack up more data charges on OkCupid
    8:00pm-10:00pm More GRE Prep
    10pm-11:30pm I dunno, probably channel surfing
    11:30pm- Toonami, post in IBO thread at midnight

  • SwimPunk Banned

    When do you fap?

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