Change of plans!! I'm inspired today!!
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    GRE prep all day long. While I'm exceptional at the verbal section, I still have to perfect my method so that I don't have those momentary lapses in judgment that might cost me the magical 1-7-0!

    Quantitative... Well Rome sure as hell wasn't built in a day! We'll come back to it. I might take a gander at it later on tonight.

    No games, anime, YouTube, posting on ASMB every waking moment, or racking up data charges on OkCupid until tonight! I'm indolent and carefree, but today there's a mission that must be accomplished!!

    I'll be abstemious in my appetite, but I do have to drink. Drinking soothes the soul and eases the mind, body, and spirit.

    It's time to break free!

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    Lately you've been posting like you have a "word-a-day" calendar.......Every day you use at least one rare word.

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