I've Never Known anyone to travel for the 4th of July
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  • SwimSuperFan

    most of the time I'm involved in a celebration for independence day it's a decent size with not too many people and none of them really went that far to make the trip

    yet every so often i hear about people who go on those road trips and huge vacations for independence day

    what the hell? 0_o......i dunno about you guys but that type of thing is extremely rare for me to hear about

    "Here Comes A New Challenger!-D.VA(Hana Song)"

  • Banned

    Your father doesn't love you and is embarrassed to be seen with you

  • Babbling

    Some people move far away from people they know. They have to travel far to see their friends and family. They might get drunk and crash or some drunky ass hole might plow into them, killing them. This is well known phenomenon.

  • SwimPeanut

    We used to travel out of state every year to spend it with an extended relative. Doing fireworks yourself was legal there so we would buy a ton for it which was cool. However, we were only ever gone for a weekend. It was about a five hour drive out of state and five hour drive back.

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