The PS1 was objectively better than the N64.
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    PS1 had more games and they looked way better.

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    The old graphics debate was blurries vs. jaggies.

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    Actually I think I heard games were capable of looking better on the N64, it having stronger hardware, but because of the very limited capacity game quality was potato compared to the PS1.

    The PS1 majorly succeeded because prior to Sony entering the market, Nintendo used bully/draconian tactics to keep 3rd party devs away from Segas consoles. The PS1 offering them freedom, not to mention it was cheaper to develop for thanks to discs, and offered them more room.

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    The Dreamcast was better than both.

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    no4 said:

    PS1 had more games and they looked way better.

    In retrospect they were both pretty awful, but while PS had a more robust roster of games, Nintendo stayed alive with it's well established franchises and some hot ass exclusives like Mischief Makers.

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    not having cd did diminish the full potential of the system, but it did go on to give us some influential classics.
    as far as being objectively better? you can make an argument for either console i think.

    but ps1 in no way looked better than n64 games.

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