Do you think MAL is generous when it comes to anime ratings?
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    I noticed a lot of groaning tonight from the ASMB community over Gundam: IBO, so I checked its MAL rating and the MAL community rates it an 8/10.

    Do you think the ratings on there are very generous and the community's fervor for anime is so great that even mediocre series get a pass every once in a while?

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    What does Malcolm Reynolds have to do with anime?

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  • SwimSuperHero

    Yep MAL ratings are definitely generous.
    Sword Art Online and Samurai Flamenco are both terrible and their ratings are way too high.

    SAO's rating is 7.91 and Samurai Flamenco's rating is 7.01.
    I rated them 3 and 2. My scores are better.

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    Haha that's what I was thinking. Maybe as a general rule of thumb anything at 9 or above is probably very good and anything below that, well you have to watch and decide for yourself.

  • Special Snowflake

    MAL has been good with cold info. I am using them to set up a series index on a streaming anime site. I have no idea about their ratings but if you need information on a series, they are good. So there it is.

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    MAL's community is a bastion for filthy casuals. If you look at their top anime of all time list, you'll find Clannad Afterstory, the Haruhi movie, Code Trainwreck, and other selections from Baby's First Anime.

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    It seems as though 6s are used for the worst anime, so yes, scores are unbalanced.

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  • Toonami

    I don't really care if the anime on MAL are rated justly or not, I just find entertainment in seeing what ranks they place overall and how they change with time.

    The only thing worse than maggots who want HxH removed based on personal preference are maggots who betray a show they love just because its ratings aren't to their liking. Also Ayumu.


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    MAL is the IMDB of anime. People will give something a 10/10 or 1/10 without watching it. I mean Wicked City has too low of a rating while Sword Art Online is nearly a 8/10 on the website.

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