chinafunk dragon fly lilly hopper
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    one time come and get it free offer

    please be realistic with the pauper-like soul less forgiven

    for aspiring to wipe out the sinner from the inside; religion;

    bakes your brain into song and insists reality is temporary bliss

    while motors in your mind turn facts into reality and

    killing isnt winning

    find the simple peace with yourself to help the


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    now i gotta explain how the title fits the song to a bunch of people that didnt understand that i think....

    so sorry, i forgot that it isnt obvious...

    "chinafunk" dragon means that its spiritualistic and ritualistic to think that perhaps for a second can influence ...

    kind of like how two ideas are captured in a name like "dogtown" or even two cliches... but mines not.

    mines sort of a rhythmic one about some culturist shit.

    dragon is just dragon... no secrets

    the pause before "fly" is camouflage

    "dragon fly lilly hopper" is a soul less forgiven


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    no love? lolololol


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