I saw you dance
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    From the corner

  • Helper

    That's it.

    I'm closing the curtains from now on when I watch AquaMan Dance Party on the youtubes.

    ...they said i'd live forever, but they lied...it's been much longer...
    Cheerful Supplier of Chaos throughout the Known Universe and Beyond...we now have WTF...
    [this pathetic cry for attention has been brought to you by the letters F, U and the number 2]

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    I caught your name
    In a conversation

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    Playing hard-to-get
    But I can't understand

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    When I look at you,
    I see the story in your eyes.

  • Swimuminati

    She's a moving violation
    from her conk down to her shoes,
    Well, it's just an invitation to the blues

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