Good Morning :)
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    Ah... The smell of the morning breeze hitting me in the face as I open my front door.

    Hey, look at all these notifications!

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    Why the downvote, friend?

    Are you maaaaaaaad?

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    This would be a better morning if I wasn't broke.

    Here's hoping something miraculous happens today and I wind up with a bit of scratch.

    More likely than not I'll just plug through work and come home and go to bed, though.

    I have $4.50 sitting in my Amazon Turk account but if I transfer it right now it wouldn't post until tomorrow morning at the earliest and that's not even enough money to buy a coffee and a five dollar scratch ticket that I'll be disappointed by while I scratch it off and smoke cigarettes and drink coffee in my car with the air conditioner running and then I'll be completely broke until Friday which is 4 days away and no more foreseeable income in sight.

    Someone slip me a Valium.

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    also, i am not happy about this morning. it's been so damned hot.

    scathing hot. like, as soon as the sun is up..all the moisture in all my

    beautiful plants got sucked out hot.

    i lost my avocado tree. my foxglove looks terrible. other plants look

    like i haven't watered in a week.

    the tomatoes are coming in, and need stakes. also..the weeds doubled

    in a week.

    i don't like this kind of humid heat.

    we are all caught in the wordbox
    Way to go, asshole, now we're careening off into space and will definitely die. -.- ~ perfy

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