Del Taco went up
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  • Banned

    Ate at one last I rethink in 2013.....

    All I remember was having diarrhea after and it being super cheap.

    Dang brah. The tacos that were 60 cents three yrs back are a buck now.....on par with taco hell....

    Sorry doobster I didn't pick u up any brah. Dang brah narley brah cowabunga brah!

    Time to go decorate the camode.

  • SwimElder

    Saw my first Del Taco a few weeks ago. Don't have one in my immediate area.

  • IB Banned

    Still 50c here....

    All greatness comes from loss

  • Helper

    I have no problem with Dell Taco, though I've only had one in a convenient location me byfor a couple years. I have heard that it sucks on the night shift, but I've never gotten anything from them at night.

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