Hunter X Hunter I don't understand you
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    OK so I watch the show religiously and something happened that didn't quite make sense this time I don't know if it was the translation or it was something else but I would really like to know what just happened the person bet 40 hours(everything that team had left) and then it ended up being just 20 hours off the clock of whether or not the main party gets to win or lose that portion of the hunter exam (I could post video if I knew how but I just made this account to hopefully get this part cleared up)
    Edit:watched the Japanese version and yes she bets all her time again but is not eliminated

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    I believe it was because she changed her bet at the last moment to be correct. And by betting all of her time, it outweighed anything possible to bet against her, so what she loses from him getting it right is regained by her being correct and betting more and also knocks down her opponent some in the process, despite him also being right.

    In other words, she changes her bet from incorrect vs. correct to become correct vs. correct, but her wager outweights anything that can be matched.

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