Ouch... Where are these pains even coming from?
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    Got some pains above my tummy, but slightly below both sides of my rib cage or maybe it's actually my ribs causing the pain. I can't really tell. Happens whenever I hunch or even just sit down normally Wth lol. This is so weird and annoying. I dislike it because I feel that whenever pain continues like that some organ or something is getting inflamed.

    Mind explaining yourself? I'm perfectly healthy and never get sick!

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    Oh lemme guess that's where the colon is. Smh that's what google says. Better not beeeeeee!

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    6 months....

    If you gotta go go with a smile

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    Maybe you're constipated?

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    It's called Jaundice.

    Lol fk u.

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    over stimulation by way of mastrubation., you're gonna' have a bad time.

    we are all caught in the wordbox
    Way to go, asshole, now we're careening off into space and will definitely die. -.- ~ perfy

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    All greatness comes from loss

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