I brought an end to workplace drama
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    I bought my adversay a case of beer as a peace offering. Is there no problem a 12 pack can't solve?

  • Banned

    • Murder
    • Rape
    • Taxes
    • Loans
    • Dismemberment
    • Cancer

    Just a few off the top of my head.

    "Wait, I don't remember 'Allahu Akbar' being in the lyrics..." - Eagles Of Death Metal

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    Kudasai said:

    Is there no problem a 12 pack can't solve?


  • Swimuminati


    am I smilin enough? am I smilin too much? am I tucked in and buckled, do my tits touch? hi, how are you, how high are you?
    less teeth and more tits its never enough. you'll never be good enough.

  • Thunder Goddess

    Violence and fanaticism in the middle east.

    “None of us are saints.” – Albert Fish
    "You can't have everything. Where would you put it?" -- Stephen Wright

  • Swimuminati

    don't listen to these people...the answer is no, there isn't anything that alcohol doesn't solve...maybe not 12 cans worth, but there is always an amount, however large or small, that can solve all life's ills...

    *This message brought to you by youth. Youth, providing easy solutions to f**k it no ones ever going to die let's go sky diving with a lama.

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    I stand corrected perhaps I should use to help fix the world's problems

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