I haven't used a Microsoft OS since 2000
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    (I believe it was Windows ME) and these days, I avoid them all completely. My family tries to use me as tech support, but I let them know right away "I can't use Windows, I don't know how to fix it" but they still insist that I "take a look anyway" and let me tell ya', Windows is a f**king mess, no matter what version it is. The design makes no sense at all. It's the only mainstream OS that isn't POSIX compliant in any form. The DOS "command prompt" is the most useless command line in history. Windows 7 and up FS structure is a joke. Libraries? Documents and Settings directories? Program Files and Program Files x86? is "C:" equivalent to "/" ? because it doesn't seem so. Windows 8 tiles were an ugly, unintuitive mess, and everything I'm hearing makes Windows 10 sound like a virus that'll eat me my computer and shit a brick out. Mac OS X is better, but it's still confusing. Trying to uninstall programs is a mess compared to package based Linux distros like Debian. It seems every program on Windows has its own uninstall program, and half of them don't work. There is no universal way to install/remove programs in Windows like with Debian. With Debian you just uninstall the package, do a quick "autoremove" to clear out configuration files, and you're done. And filetypes and extensions. Who the hell thought these were a good idea? To this day, file extensions are still largely irrelevant in Linux. I could go through and strip all of my personal files of their *.jpg *.avi and such extensions, and still use them fine. Whenever I use a plain text editor, I NEVER name it "textfile.txt" just "textfile" and if it's a shell script I just "chmod +x textfile" or right-click go to Properties, and add an execute permission, *.exe is dumb, just dumb. What the hell is the Windows "Registry" and why does it need to exist? Why does Windows hide half of your files in the filesystem, even when you enable "show hidden files and directories"? I honestly, for the life of me, don't know how people are able to use such a confusing, unorganized, mess of an OS. It's just baffling to me. Windows is just unusable.

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