Prince Ea Cannabis Video Ft. Barack Obama
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  • SwimPunk Banned

    This is trending and it's a pretty cool video about the lies and history revolving around the myths of Cannabis, but I'm not here to spread the message of because I honestly don't care.......Legal or not isn't going to change anything I do.

    My problem is, isn't it possibly illegal to say it has Barack Obama in it when it's obviously NOT Obama. Now in the description it is noted that this isn't Obama, but most YT trogs will never read that and of course some morons actually think this is Obama.

    I mean Barry is a cool dude, so I doubt he'll take any action, but isn't this a rather bold step and quite possibly a gross misrepresentation of opinion or character?


    I'm causing verbal murder in a major 3rd degree, my name is Beethoven motherfucker, maybe you've heard of me.

  • AdultSwim.Com

    the illegality of marijuana?

    more like which artist's interpretation of a hundreds year

    old piece of muddy paper,

    with a stick figure on it...

    no matter which piece of history was abused to make

    the dirty ass world the fvcking way it is today,

    no matter which media outlet, political scandal,

    no matter which power house authority streamlined it,

    weed's illegal cause it fvcks you up and they scared of it

    :robotfrustrated:Necrotic techno-magic bullshit.:robotfrustrated:COWBOY_STILGAR sed so

  • SwimPunk Banned

    no it's not illegal to say Barack Obama is in it. But if it was a Trump he's probably have you executed

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