confucius say...
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    man with hole in pocket,

    feel cocky all day.

    we are all caught in the wordbox
    Way to go, asshole, now we're careening off into space and will definitely die. -.- ~ perfy

  • Thunder Goddess

    Oh, God, the pain...

    “None of us are saints.” – Albert Fish

    "Yeah, they're dead. They're all messed up. " -- Sheriff Conan McClellan

  • Banned

    Big tiger can kill
    But a little pvssy never hurt anyone.

  • Swimuminati

    he actually said, "I don't talk like that, you racist f**ks"

  • ShoeHands

    Now thats some ancient Chinese wisdom right there

    I could never lie to you, You're like the greatest pot smoking republican hippie I know.-1POOH4U

  • Banned

    Ancient chinese secret; changing one letter in a brand name is not copyright infringement.

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