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    I went to a bar last night to settle my nerves - got frustrated at the job, frustrated at my life and my student debt. Well, I had about enough.

    Anyways, I went to the bar and sat on the stool and ordered my usual drink - cranberry juice with a shot of milk and lime. Really f**ked me up on my bad nights when I usually cry and post on message boards. It was shaping up to be a night just like those, except there across the room was a man I knew from high school. He had notoriously pranked me during prom, dressing up as a really cute girl and enticing me enough to ask him/her to the dance. We went together and I went as far as pulling down their pants, eyes closed and mouth open, wherein he stuck his p***s in my mouth and laughed. There was a GoPro attached to it and everyone at school got a copy of the footage. I've had one eye open ever since.

    But this night he approached and tried to apologize. There's never been an apology that could stall a sense of vengeance, so I pinned this bastard to the ground and we rode each other like violent broncos. He shouted all kinds of obscenities, and in the heat of this match, I pulled his collar and - face to face - I looked into his eyes and said, "Another word from you and I'm gonna eat your ass like the world's on fire."

    He didn't say another word. He blushed, his eyes darted around, refusing to see me anymore. Ah, there it was -- the shame. Homosexuality on a straight man in the heat of Texas looks a bit like a rabbit f**king a wolf. But no, this wasn't that. After another minute he pulled me in and passionately placed his bruised, drooling lips on my own and whimpered like a child plucking a thorn.

    Suddenly the rest of the patrons were stricken, started pulling down their pants and showing their worth to each other like they were trading at a pawn shop. Nancy, her trimmed clamp. Bob, his little willy banked to the right. And Jennifer from church, well, turned out she had a heavy set of testicles under that sheath of Victoria's Secret. They all eloped under the Southern heat, and all the lights were shining down like spotlights from Heaven. Left me in a cold place this morning, waking up to an empty bed in a motel, not even a note left to me. But my nipples are pierced now and my genitals look like a bent up tin can, and I feel I've properly closed a chapter in my life that used to bring shame to my mind.

    But know I love you, Zeni. I'll never forget this night we shared.

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    All greatness comes from loss

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    I can't even pick a favorite line to quote back

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    my first thoughts on reading thidds drunk asehele

    the authenticity


    honesty is good
    honesy is good

    if ur not honest- no respectn

    stupid dream

    dont know dream then to dreseptdst

    "I'm moving and not moving at all. I'm like the moon underneath the waves that ever go on rolling and rocking."

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    Playin with my nip rings and thinkin bout my #zeni

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