I don't want my son to play sports
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    Sports aren't valuable. I want him to spend his time in the library becoming an erudite scholar. I want him to be a cultured and sophisticated gentleman like his father, not some brutish, basketball playing philistine!

    adjusts monacle while polishing the grandfather clock in the living room

  • Thunder Goddess

    Again, assuming that you can find a woman who will allow you to impregnate her. And if said miraculous event should occur, it could just as easily be a daughter.

    “None of us are saints.” – Albert Fish
    "You can't have everything. Where would you put it?" -- Stephen Wright

  • SwimElder Banned

    it could just as easily be

    a zeni


    "I'm moving and not moving at all. I'm like the moon underneath the waves that ever go on rolling and rocking."

  • SwimLegend

    Can't he do both? There are pro athletes that do that.

    C'mon when I'm 80 I wanna see a Jet with the nickname Sonic Rican. I'll know it's your hell spawn

    Oh bother...

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