Do pinned posts even mean anything?
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  • IB

    It's not as if they stay up at the top.

  • Toonami

    They do at this link:

    Really wish someone would get around to making that the main board link. The boards would look a little bit less like a clusterf**k if stuff like the "Home" button, the "[AS] Boards" button, and the "Top Posts" button just linked to that.

  • IB

    the full categories list is also a good thing to bookmark


    that way you can see the pinned threads in whatever category you wish to view.

    It is my ultimate hope to at least have a link in the main nav for Categories so that people could use the board the way they wish, or the way that works best for them, instead of being forced to use it the way a particular project manager wants them all to use it.

  • IB

    I didn't even know you could do that
    therefore they don't mean anything. I decree it

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