Cutie Kim posts a Facebook status "At Planet Fitness working out, long hair don't care"
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    (Zeni scrambles into Planet Fitness five minutes later, out of breath, sweating profusely, eyes shifting crazily as he searches for Cutie Kim)

    "Hey, Kim!! WHAT A COINCIDENCE!!"

    (Kim screams)

    "Oh my gawd!! What. A. Coincideeeeeeence!"

  • SwimPunk

    Are you sure you weren't scrambling in to get some original chicken sandwiches?


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    (Moves to hug Kim, but grabs the original chicken sandwich from her hand and leaves the gym)

    Thank You!!

  • SwimPunk

    I knew it. Only food makes your titties sweat profusely and you breathing hard. You named your chicken sandwich Kim.


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