After a delightful repast
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    Zenigundam, ever the libertine, gambled away $500 in a series of arbitrary online card games. Afterward, feeling the soporific effects of long-term internet addiction, Zeni fell into a deep slumber on his couch only to be awakened by a loud, banging noise on his front door.


    Zeni scrambled to his feet and impetuously opened the door feeling the invincibility of his warrior lineage coursing through his veins. Rebecca? No. It was an apparition. Zeni struggled with the mighty ghost and took it to the ground. A night earlier, our King Zeni was watching a mixed martial arts fight on his living room television. Recalling the specific techniques used by the winner of that fight, King Zeni emulated the tactics of the victor and was able to subdue the ghastly specter.

    "Who sent you here? ANSWER ME!"

    When ghosts are destroyed they cease to exist in any form. The ghost, realizing its precarious situation, shakily told Zeni, "It was the Toonamites! ASMB! I'm just a hired gun! Please don't annihilate me!" Zenigundam sat for a moment in stunned disbelief before knocking the ghost senseless and tossing it up into the air.

    "Toonamites... ASMB..."

    Nice try, guys.

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