Possible Plans for Today!!!
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    Go to the park (I have to see how hot it is outside first. If it's too hot, I'll stay inside.)

    Watch the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
    (I might even try to eat hot dogs simultaneously and see if I can keep up with them, but I probably won't because I don't want a stomachache and I like to enjoy my food, not just wolf it down to get it in my tummy quickly.)

    GRE Quantitative Prep (I really don't want to start this.)

    Keep up the grind in Final Fantasy III (My characters are so powerful! All Level 50+ and I'm still not quite at the end of the game, but almost there. That's what happens when you're devoted to leveling them up!)

    Watch Voltron on my PS3 (I own the entire series.)

    Drink the rest of the alcohol in my refrigerator (I could do this easily, but I might ration my supply since my car is at the mechanic's place and I don't want to walk a whole three blocks to the liquor store if I run out or, even worse, run out late at night when no store is open.)

    Keep up with my OkCupid conversations (I have a few good ones going right now. I dislike going on it too often because it runs up the data charges on my cell phone.)

    Go to the batting cages (I played HS baseball and I haven't been to a batting cage in a while. It would be pretty fun to go there drunk (I seem to perform better at everything when I'm drunk! It sharpens my focus I suppose.))

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    Zenigundam said:

    GRE Quantitative Prep (I really don't want to start this.)

    alt text


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    Is that Shia LaBeouf? I can't remember what movie it is, but a director of this popular reboot of a classic film that's supposed to come out in either 2017 or 2018 wants LaBeouf to play the protagonist in the movie and I really hope that doesn't happen!

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    Not a bad idea though. I think I might just get started on it right now. However, if I do the prep work, I'm almost certainly going to have to drink the rest of my alcohol supply and make a three block trip to the liquor store. Oh well! The price of quality performance I say!

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    Did you guys know that the formula for the area of a triangle is the base of the triangle multiplied by the height of it and then divided by two?

    Haha I sure forgot about THAT one!

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