gonna be hosting a brewfest
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    pretty pumped about this one. i actually got deschutes to commit to showing up for a street pub event that will headline our inaugural brewfest in september. they are probably going to be bringing a big outdoor bar...thing...that we'll set up in the street. we'll be pouring several of their beers, including some that are all but impossible to get here due to geographical market restrictions. a couple of them have a retail tag of $10-13 per pint. should be interesting.

    we plan on having an upscale restaurant from here in town prepare a menu of paired hors d'oeuvres, and should also probably have live music and possibly some other fun stuff going on. been working on this for a couple weeks now, and i just finally got the confirmation, so i'm clear to discuss and brag it up.

    so if you want something to do mid-september that involves drinking good beer in the middle of nowhere, chat me up. yep, i'm whoring my bar out right here on the boards. may as well get something for my time here.

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