Any way the wind blows
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  • SwimElder

    doesn't really matter to me...

    This Queen CD is super value.

  • Manowarrior

    I just upvoted you because I assumed you still buy CDs. But then I realized you could be listening to a CD you got years ago.

    Congratulations 2010, 2012, and 2014 San Francisco Giants! Beat LA!

    Ain't got no time for bird sex, I wanna fly...

  • SwimElder

    I bought it maybe last year. I like physical media. They can't mess with it. I can rip it to put it on my phone with or without the internet. I still buy dvds. I don't trust mp3 sales. Apple has a habit of being jerks with their proprietary stuff, so I don't trust them. Google will screw up at some point as well.

  • Banned

  • SwimElder

    One of my favorite pump up songs.

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