So the ignore feature doesn't exactly work correctly.
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  • SwimComrad

    It greys out entire threads in which someone I've ignored has posted. I don't think it's supposed to do that.

    anime is teh suck

  • Banned

    Nope....then again the whole thing is stupid

    We think we can make honey without sharing in the fate of bees, but we are in truth nothing but poor bees, destined to accomplish our task and then die.

  • Banned

    Small price to pay.....Also I dim my screen all the time is it looks normal to me.......Except when it's not but it's still a minor thing in my book.

    You were banned. It fills you with determination

  • 0

    Bitch bitch bitch. It's almost like nothing is every good enough for anyone here.

    Which it isn't. I mean, look at this shithole.

    Did you really expect something functional to come out of this place?

    If you're going to be a dick, at least go all in.

  • IB Banned

    not when the wrong users have access to nodebb's naughty bits

    The Hound.
    @Naraku4656 said:
    > IB's last thread was by Viperslayer

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