How to tactfully handle situations!
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    For some, handling situations in which they are asked to evaluate the quality of a friend's work can be overwhelming. For others, they'll just tell it like it is and then casually drink their coffee.

    I'm an exponent of candor and sincerity, but we should also take into account others' feelings. Nobody likes to be hurt! We have to be judicious and decide for ourselves when it's time "to tell it like it is" (and I'm referring to situations when the work is objectively subpar obviously) and when it's time to give a disingenuous account of the quality of the friend's work if only to mollify the friend's angst and make that person feel better.

    So here we have a scenario where a friend comes to me with a piece of writing and says, "Zeni, take a day to read this and tell me what you THINK of it!"

    (Sun sets, Moon rises, Moon sets, Sun rises)

    "So, Zeni, what did you THINK of it?!"

    Now I know that the piece of writing the friend gave me is one of the most vapid, uninteresting, simplistic works of writing that I've ever encountered. But I see the ebullience in my friend's face. How can I shatter my friend's confidence by providing honest feedback? Wait a second! I CAN provide honest feedback!

    "What did I think? It was a REAL PAGE TURNER!"

    Sure I've equivocated my feelings about the work of writing, but in the process my friend is now feeling CONFIDENT and HAPPY!

    "You really think so, Zeni?! WOW!"

    "Yep... It's a real page turner."

    "Zeni, do you think I should try to get it published? Should I take the train to Broadway and show up at Random House with it?! This is amazing!"

    "Well the odds are against any work of writing getting published by a major book publisher. All I can tell you is that it's a REAL page turner!"

    The End.

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    I've tried that before, but people that desire your opinion will either only hear the good shit or the bad shit you say determining on their ego because they already have a predetermined view or your opinion.

    Deep down they either know their shit sucks OR they think it's the greatest piece ever written and even if you tell them it's trash they'll just assume you're jealous.

    You were banned. It fills you with determination

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    Ah completely missed your reply there, Buddy. Interesting...

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    Tell it like it is brotha.

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