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    Hello, My name is Silina.
    I'm a film major, looking for a summer internship with Adult Swim.
    I'm looking to gain experience for future, unique and creative, stomach turning, comedy,
    I believe that my ideas could help shape the future of Adult Swim.
    Use me as your wonder child and inspire a whole new sensation of laughter.
    I've had dreams of me working as a creator at Adult Swim, and I truly do feel as if I can assist Adult Swim Productions; let me assist in shaping the new wave of comedy.
    I made a post on Reddit. about this but I was informed that I wouldn't be able to get feedback so here I am :)

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    @katt_goddess is usually up to date on that kind of info, so maybe you'll get lucky and she'll turn up. @SwimMod_Luuv is the only mod who's here regularly, so he might have info. Other than that, good luck and whoever sent you here probably doesn't like you very much. Keep that in mind if you ever ask that person for advice again.

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    Or here.

    At the drop down menu that says "Please choose one" select "Career opportunities."


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    Oh you have been misinformed. This message board is so solely for the use of disenfranchised lazy men who beat on their woman. And Toonami fans.


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    • sticks head in , looks around * Damn. * leaves *

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    I do back room casting.

    Come on in.

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    FieryDoom said:

    Or here.

    At the drop down menu that says "Please choose one" select "Career opportunities."

    This is currently the best route towards a career in unpaid labor via these boards. ;)

    Although a fair warning is they do currently have a large crop of the unwashed, enough that they've been making them pit-fight and drum circle for general entertainments.

    Good luck and no matter what, don't pet the puffer if you get past the door no matter who dares you to do so. A] He's my cuddle fish and 2] he has tasted human flesh before and might actually like it. o.O

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    Kink? Sex gypsy?

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