Maybe It's Time to Make Toonami Great Again
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    I came up with this idea on a whim right now. I casually post in the Toonami threads and anime has, for the most part, been the main reason I've ever tuned into AS. So the Toonamites on this board are pretty fanatical and whatnot and they got me to thinking, "Hmmm... I could care less about the ratings, schedule, fantasy acquisitions", however my plan is just what this (possibly) moribund block needs.

    So here's a neat idea I came up with to make Toonami great again. First of all, scrap this whole Tom/Sara BS. Who cares about them? I just like to drink, chill out, and tune into some good toons on a Saturday night. If anything, give it a really dark interface like the original ASA. If you keep Tom, make him into some kind of devilish robot with flames emanating from his body and give him an evil voice. The metalheads will dig that.

    Scheduling... Yeah a lot needs to be done. You can't put a bunch of 500 episode shonen on once a week. Needs some variety. The Toonami block has been much maligned for its predictability in recent times. Here's a fairly beastly schedule I came up with.

    First things first, sell DBZ Kai to Cartoon Network. We're just rolling our eyes at the one. Consider scrapping Gundam: IBO as it's not all that popular.

    And here's what we'll do for programming. Let's bring in Swat Kats, the classic series that played on Cartoon Network throughout the 90s. Yep a lot of us love it. So let's make America great again and put that on at 11:30. At 12:00 you can plug in One-Punch Man, 12:30 Parasyte, probably one of its top 3 anime since Toonami's return and very mature, 1:00 X-Men, the blockbuster 90s FoxKids series, 1:30 Hunter x Hunter, 2:00 Shippuden, 2:30 OP.

    Going forward, keep an open mind about acquisitions. Don't operate like a Top 40 radio station and only play the newest things and meretriciously hype them up even if they suck. Also, don't replay the same popular series ten times in a row. Toonami right now is that party DJ who's really screwing up but everybody's still rocking out because of the alcohol, strobe lights, and roller skating rink.

    Thank me later,

    Zenigundam (kangaroo paw stamp)

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    Is there a tldr version of this? I'm too lazy to read all that about Toonami atm.

  • SwimVIP

    1. You can't have Toonami without TOM. He's the block's mascot.

    2. Having only 26 episode shows isn't a good idea either because once they end, the block is forced into reruns for quite some time until new shows get picked up. The 100+ shows give them enough material to air for a reasonable amount of time without them being forced into reruns.

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    Yeah, but the 100 episode shows are so full of filler that I just turn it off.


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