I bet Bobby Hill grew up...
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  • SwimPunk

    ...to be a celebrity chef.

    he's super weird at times,, but he's well-liked, outgoing, and has a great sense of humor. plus, he's proven several times to have an talent for cooking on top of his zeal for eating.

    I'll bet anything he went to high school and excelled in drama & home economics while enjoying moderate success as a flashy tank on Arlen High's football team for a few years before hitting the big city to make his mark with down home cooking and stand-up comedy.

    Imagine the hilarious cookbooks he'd write and the countless stories of his childhood that he'd tie to every meal he'd prepare on screen.

    Yeah, that's probably how Bobby Hill ended up.

  • Banned

    Bobby wound up discovering synthetic marijuana at a party he was invited to. He got a bad batch after his like 5th time trying it and had a seizure in WhatABurger.

    Luckily John Redcorn was there and rushed him to the hospital. He recovered but took up cocaine as a replacement.

    You were banned. It fills you with determination

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