Taco Bell's weirdest/useless menu items
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    Two items I'm not down with:

    Cheese Roll Up - you can make this at home for the fraction of the cost

    Cinnabon Bites - the cream filling looks digusting, especially with bubbles in it

    Honorable mentions:

    Breakfast menu - mentioning it because TB made a stupid as campaign for it.

    fuh q.

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    I just saw a commercial for their breakfat.....It was like "100% of people get they cheesy something something flatbread something at Taco Bell......Because we're the only ones that have it"


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    lol breakfat - it may have been a typo, but it's a really good description of it.

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    Whatever the f**k Dew AM and Kickstart Dew is supposed to be.

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    I always thought the burritos with Fritos inside was pretty weird and useless. Also, i tried the steak flatbread sandwich a couple weeks ago. I actually liked it, which I also found weird. But whatever.

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    Pretty much all of Taco Bell.... yet I will still eat it... because I hate myself sometimes.

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