I got a taste of Pokemon GO and
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    I'm severely disappointed there aren't tons of Exeggutor here.

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    Just find an Exeggcute in the egg aisle at the store and evolve it like everyone else, you freeloader!

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    So I'm like the npc kids who are like "Oh wow are you a real Pokémon trainer? I want to be one someday!"

  • Banned

    Then I guess you'll never be the very best....like no one ever was

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  • SwimSuperStar

    -Ninja_Jesus- said:

    I'm severely disappointed there aren't tons of Exeggutor here.

    I hear the same about people wanting a Gyrados...though I might be in the perfect spot to find enough of those stupid Magicarp to get one, IF I EVER GET A DARNED WORKING PHONE!

    In the words of the great Candela....NERF THIS!

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    Too bad you can't level up and Eggsecute and evolve.

  • IB Banned

    lmfao you'll never catch all of them on that island

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    > IB's last thread was by Viperslayer

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