Well, the Olympics have a new sponsor...
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  • Babbling

    Off! insect repellent

    Radiotsar, One Warped Vision, Charity Navigator
    Перший в стіну, коли революція іде!

  • Swimuminati

    i'd say its worth the chance to take DEET over Zika in this instance

    am I smilin enough? am I smilin too much? am I tucked in and buckled, do my tits touch? hi, how are you, how high are you?
    less teeth and more tits its never enough. you'll never be good enough.

  • SwimStar

    tsar4 said:

    Off! insect repellent

    Something about that really bugs me....rimshot

    In the words of the great Candela....NERF THIS!

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