Guy offered to sell pot
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  • SwimPeanut

    Standard reply... "No thanks" (pick up walking pace)

    Seriously... is that pot sprayed with chemicals to make the high a lot stronger? I'll never know. You can but pot anyplace, but let the buyer beware. The seller might not be playing Hoyle with the ingredients. It's risk every pot smoker takes.

    If you want to pick THAT type out of a crowd, just look for the festering scabs on their elbows.

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    we are all caught in the wordbox
    Way to go, asshole, now we're careening off into space and will definitely die. -.- ~ perfy

  • Special Snowflake

    Don't you smoke cigarettes? That shit always has dangerous chemicals whereas pot usually isn't laced. Buyer beware, indeed.

    Memento Mori

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