Hey, you know this dude Ric_Man?
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    I'm kinda like him but from the future, the year 21XX.

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    Oh that's sick! Would you mind going back to the future for a second and checking the archives so that I can know when I'm supposed to die? Just wanna be prepared!

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    Hmmmm..........lets see. Looks like you died a valiant death in the ASMB Wars of 2069. Your sacrifice made ASMB great again and your DNA was used to clone a new more powerful version of yourself, Zenigundamn in 2072. So in a sense you still live on.

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    Uh huh... Well I kinda want my original self and my clone to co-exist. Besides, I told all my friends that I'd live to triple digits easily, so 2069 is far too early. I'll be avoiding the ASMB Wars altogether, or maybe I'll be part of them, but I'll just be the guy in the missile control room pressing the "launch missile" button.

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    No, who the f**k is that?

    Ric's Youtube: It's fucking awesome of course

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    ric_man said:

    No, who the f**k is that?

    So are you like Zeni's teenage angst alt?

    The Hound.
    @Naraku4656 said:
    > IB's last thread was by Viperslayer

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