Just came up with an amazing idea!!
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    I need to get Calvin Klein on board with it, but it's a cologne that smells like alcohol so that the man (potential employers) can't keep you down!

    If Mr. Klein's down with the cause, we're gonna call it CK Alch.

    Here's the commercial I'm thinking of:

    Narrator: "There's a new fragrance in town."

    (Zeni escorts hot blonde babe into restaurant with 20s-type jazz playing as the background music)

    Model: "Oh, Zeni, you smell like a bar!"

    Zeni: "Not a bar, my darling. It's CK Alch."

    Narrator: "CK Alch. The new fragrance that has every alpha male running to the nearest department store."

    Model (Inside the restaurant, clinging to Zeni's neck): "I just adore your new smell."

    Zeni: "And I adore you. Now let's get plastered."

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    zeni, your ideas are always the greatest!

  • Helper

    Can they have a version that smells like bacon too?


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    Yeah I don't see why that can't happen.

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    Wow this was a brilliant idea!

  • SwimSage Banned

    It is! Thanks for bumping, I missed it.

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